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A list of podcasts I’ve been enjoying and listening to recently

The MSG POD – Ep 007 Myanmar Protestor

A great podcast by Mimi Aye and Huong Black, talking about food, cooking and being 2nd generation immigrants.

I would recommend the most recent episode about the Myanmar coup.

Today In Focus – Freshwater

A five-part mini-series investigating the case of the freshwater five. Men who were jailed for a combined total of 104 years for conspiracy to import £53m worth of cocaine, but who have always maintained their innocence.

The Food Programme – Flavours of Home: The refugees foraging new lives through food

Farmerama – Who Feeds US?

A seven-part podcast series deep-diving into the localised food systems that were a vital source of sustenance around the country during the pandemic!

Criminal – Episode 158 “If it happens, run”

A podcast about the murderous coup of 1898 in Wilmington and the rise of white supremacy

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