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Where to Buy Organic VEg in Manchester

Organic fruit and veg is great because:

  • It’s better for the planet
  • No artificial fertilizers
  • It’s better for nature and wildlife
  • Nutritionally beneficial (organically produced crops were found to have 68% more antioxidants than non-organic)
  • Contains fewer pesticides

Information from the Soil Association – please read more here.

Where to buy organic veg


Unicorn – Chorlton

Unicorn Coop is my personal favourite place to shop, with a stunning selection of organic fruit and veg, wholesome food and household items. It’s a truly great alternative to the supermarkets.

Mccall’s organics – Northern Quarter

A gorgeous little shop on the edge of the Northern Quarter, very close to the Arndale. With a great selection of produce and household items.

Eighth Day – City centre

Another great city center option, with a wide selection of veg, bakery goods, household items and some organic wine! They also have a lovely little cafe downstairs.

Abbey Leys Farm – High Leigh

I love Abbey Leys farm shop, their eggs are second to none and they stock a surprisingly great amount of veg for their little shop. They also stock great free range chickens, pies from Great North Pie and Trove sourdough.

Plattfields Market Garden – Levenshulme

A community market garden open Thursday- Sunday with a great selection of organic veg, veg boxes available for collection and other treats!

Village Greens – Prestwich

A new one to me but Village Greens looks like a great place to shop if you’re local to Prestwich, a locally owned cooperative with lots of organic veg, refill stations and a deli counter with food from the Ottomen.


If you can’t regularly get to any of the shops above, another great option is to get a veg box delivered weekly. In Manchester, we are lucky to have so many great options.

If you know of any more shops or veg boxes please let me know!

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