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Squash, Feta & Pancetta Quiche

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A family recipe of high esteem! I’ve been making this quiche in various forms since I was very young, trust me its a goodie!

Kate’s Get Well Chicken Soup

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I make this every time I’m ill, if I can manage to drag myself off to the nearest shop that is. It’s wonderfully spicy, garlicky and warming, plus it’s full of all the nutrients you need when you’re feeling under the weather.

I have written two versions here, both are delicious but the longer one is infinitely tastier and better for you. However, I’ve included the quicker version for those short on time or patience.

Use any noodles you fancy, I love Korean sweet potato noodles but egg noodles will do if that’s all you can find!

45 mins to 3+ hours | Serves 6

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