Konoba is a street food, events and private catering business launching in Sept 2019, by me, Kate. Growing up surrounded by good food, I have always been obsessed with cooking and eating. Regularly discussing with my Mum about what we’d cook for lunch and dinner over breakfast. Mealtimes growing up are some of my best memories, coming together over delicious home-cooked food. This is the food I want to bring to you, simple bowls of comforting food that will bring people together.

Konoba means “a place to eat’ in Croatian.

It’s what Croatian’s living in the Dalmation region use to name their family restaurants, using Konoba followed by their surname. I grew up going to these restaurants as a child and was always amazed by the feelings they evoked from such simple but delicious food. Huge platters of cured meat, cheeses, grilled meat and vegetables would come out of the kitchen and served on platters for everyone to share. These feelings of comfort and togetherness are my inspiration for Konoba and what I’d like to evoke with my food.

Training at the garden-focused Ballymaloe cookery school gave me further insight and knowledge about organic farming and ignited my passion for quality ingredients even more.

Konoba focuses on using local, seasonal and organic produce to serve wholesome and comforting food to Manchester. See more about my suppliers.